Frequently Asked Questions

For the Employer ...

QHow do we drive employee use?

A Due to its “always-on” nature, employees can use Thymo to give feedback at any time.  Much can be done to maintain steady user flow:

  • Employees regularly reminded to contribute via internal corporate communications
  • Thymometrics automatic reminder system provides employee prompt
  • Regular Thymo use as an element of the employee’s compensation plan/goal setting
  • Specific incentives offered on a regular or random basis by the employer and/or Thymometrics

The employer must, of course, clearly demonstrate that it is acting on Thymo feedback to enact positive change; nothing will convince employees of the benefit of using the Thymo more than action arising from expressing their views.

QCan we brand Thymo with our corporate logo and theme?

A No.  Employees must feel that when they use the Thymo, they are giving their opinions privately to a trusted third party.  The layer of separation we provide, guaranteed by our licence agreements, is essential to ensure that employees have absolute confidence that they can be honest and clear with their feedback.

QCan we have help with interpreting results?

A Yes. We offer a full range of training and consultancy services.

Q What happens when employees leave, new employees join, or employees move within the company?

We fully support the dynamic nature of employee data. Thymometrics will work closely with you to administer necessary changes normally on a monthly basis.

Q Can we change, add or remove factors?

A Yes, Thymometrics is fully dynamic and flexible. Thymometrics will administer this for you.

Q Can I run multiple Thymos?

A Yes. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

For the Employee ...

Q Where do I get a Joining Code?

A This will be issued via email to each employee.

Q What if my Joining Code doesn't work?

A Just contact us at for a new code.

Q Where can I submit my responses?

A Once logged in, if you are not taken to the response page immediately, you can find a link to it under “My Thymos”.

Q Is it truly anonymous?

A Yes, this is an essential feature.  The Thymo does not run on your employer's equipment and it does not integrate with your company’s HR software in any way.  We provide you with access to give your views, and we provide them with analysis tools.  The employer sees the results of your submissions, but never knows whose views are whose.  Similarly, when you submit a comment we forward it to them anonymously, and when they reply, we forward that to you.  At no point will they know who you are unless you choose to tell them.

Q Can I use Thymo on a mobile device?

A Yes.  We use what is termed responsive design so you can contribute your ratings and comments on any device. For more advanced features (viewing replies to comments, analytics or communicate apps) we recommend a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Q I am on a desktop but can see a mobile menu only (three horizontal bars)

A You may be zoomed in, or your screen width is not large enough. Maximize your screen and/or zoom out. Normally pressing CTRL together with the minus (-) key.

Q Can I get help with how to use the Thymo?

A Yes.  Within the screens themselves you will find a question mark icon at the top right of each section.  Simply click this for tailored support.

Q What if I am still stuck?

A Just contact us at and we will see if we can put you on the right track.

Q How often should I use the Thymo?

A That is up to you.  It is available 24 x 7. Feel free to use it whenever your views change, or you have a comment you wish to make.

Q Will my voice make a difference?

A Yes.  Your employers have chosen to use Thymometrics as they have a genuine interest in understanding your motivations, priorities and frustrations.  They have adopted, at their expense, the leading tool in the field to help to identify these issues and to address them. Obviously, if you don't give your views to the Thymo, your employer won't be able to take them into account.