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Thymo™ for Business Leaders Thymo™ for HR Professionals

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Thymometrics offered features that no other vendor came close to.

Cheryl Van, Head of Learning and Development


Thymo™ for Business Leaders

Drive productivity upwards by embracing people as your most valuable resource. Create an amazing place to work in a culture of positivity driven by employee feedback and conversations that count.

  • Drive growth and profitability
  • Track cultural wellbeing trends
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Maximize shareholder value

Thymo™ for HR Professionals

Become an HR hero with the latest science-based employee engagement technology. Gain real-time access to employee mood 24/7/365. Use open, honest feedback to build an inclusive community fueled by drive and dedication.

  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • Create a vibrant workplace culture
  • Identify burnout, reduce churn, cut recruitment costs
  • Provide valuable insights to support management decisions
employee wellness and engagement

Give your people a voice

Monitor employee feedback 24/7/365. Make better business decisions based on the results.

Pulse Surveys

Access wellbeing and engagement. Get meaningful data on the fly to drive agile decision making.

360° Feedback

Consolidate valuable insights from executives, managers, team leaders and peers into a clear concise visual dataset.


Why wait annually to uncover performance and well-being bottlenecks? Thymo™ provides the flexibility to react in real-time.

Open Feedback

Our 2-way anonymous feedback platform gives employees the confidence to write openly without reservation.

Why is Thymo™ unique?

Conventional surveys use the same standard questions — but there’s no such thing as a standard employee.

Every person has unique motivators. And we recognized this when we built the Thymo™ engine.

Thymo™ removes the grind associated with answering boilerplate Likert questions.

Instead, we help your business get straight to the point, with surveys that recognize how your employees feel and what they see as important.

With our innovative ‘always-on’ feature at the core, the powerful Thymo™ platform is fast to set up, simple to customise, and actively boosts employee well-being.

Thymo™ delivers accurate employee insights by maximising participation in pulse surveys, 360° feedback, peer feedback, and exit surveys.

We understand that the business landscape changes fast. So Thymometrics™ helps you take an agile approach to performance improvement based on real-time continuous feedback.

Sign-up for our FREE version today. Or request a demo to see why ambitious, progressive organizations trust the power and flexibility of Thymo™.


A lot of HR tools tend to be a bit dull, but Thymometrics is both fun and easy to use – even our people enjoy using it!

Harriet Shurville, Head of People


Works on desktop and smart devices

  • Help your employees engage on their favoured devices
  • Create an open dialogue at a time that suits everyone best
  • Never miss a chance to respond to feedback or act on the results
employee-engagement-on-any-device employee-engagement-on-any-device


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Free Plan


Support up to 10 users

Optimized for flat structures

Standard set of factors & questions



From $3.25 / user / month


Unlimited users, unlimited segments

Supports hierarchical segmentation

Customize your factors & questions

HRIS integration

Dedicated account manager

Reminder service


Peer / 360°



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