Always-on employee engagement surveys

A New Approach to Employee Engagement

Thymometrics is a ground-breaking employee survey platform that lets you continually understand employee mood and engagement.

We don't believe that building a culture of employee engagement is an annual event, so why is the employee survey?

Beyond a Survey...

We provide tools to help you drive engagement upwards.

Easy to Setup, Simple to Use & Cost Effective

Let us take the pain out of your engagement survey:

  • Powerful analytics - delivers real-time results, 24x7
  • Track changes over time and in response to events
  • Takes seconds to complete
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Enables anonymous feedback & dialogue
  • Cloud-based, requires no IT involvement
  • Full support provided
  • Highly competitive pricing

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Oct 31, 2018
How To Monitor Employee Engagement, Even If You're Technically Challenged
Human Resource practitioners are entering a new era in business strategy. Today’s workplace is much different than just a decade ago. The inclusion of technology to make human tasks more efficient along with new attitudes...
Sep 28, 2018
How Your Small Business Can Compete With Tech Giants For Great Staff
We are very pleased to post this guest blog by Ben Geoghegan from Get More HR Clients. Scan any of the ‘Best Companies To Work For’ lists and you’ll find them filled to the brim with the usual collection of all-powerful,...
Sep 6, 2018
Your DIY Guide to Always on Employee Engagement
Are you one of those people who can watch a YouTube video and build or fix something on your own? Maybe you’ve got a highly creative mind that can take an idea and develop something no one else has thought of? If so, you...

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