Always-On Employee Feedback

A New Approach to Employee Engagement

Thymometrics is a ground-breaking employee feedback platform that lets you continually understand employee mood and engagement.

We don't believe that building a culture of employee engagement is an annual event, so why is the employee feedback?

Beyond a Survey...

We provide a comprehensive platform to help you drive engagement and reduce attrition.

Easy to Setup, Simple to Use & Cost Effective

Let us take the pain out of your engagement survey:

  • Powerful analytics - delivers real-time results, 24x7
  • Track changes over time and in response to events
  • Takes seconds to complete
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Enables anonymous feedback & dialogue
  • Cloud-based, requires no IT involvement
  • Full support provided
  • Highly competitive pricing

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Jan 21, 2020
Employee Engagement Depends on Management of Career Expectations
The start of a new year is an ideal time to reflect on the last 12-months, celebrating achievements and planning ways to make things better. This is an opportunity to review best practices and revamp a few processes -- from...
Nov 25, 2019
Employee Engagement Thrives in a Culture of Confidence
Is there a connection between employee engagement and a strong culture of confidence? And if so, how can organizational leaders increase the confidence that employees have? A leading expert on company culture, Joshua M....
Nov 1, 2019
Employee Engagement Check-up: Are You Asking The Right Questions?
Employee engagement is supported by the use of technology in many organizations. From pulse surveys to always-on employee engagement software, companies understand that if they create a positive work culture, productivity...

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