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Exit surveys

Growing a positive work culture using Thymo’s employee engagement tools and tactics means staff are likely to stay longer.

But when it’s time for someone to leave, you have an excellent opportunity to discover what might have led them to stay.

How it works

Thymo™ helps you quickly create an exit survey using our intuitive in-built survey configurator.

Create a set of questions to rate your employee’s feelings on resources, salary, inclusion, recognition, wellbeing and overall job fulfilment.

Then, use the results to guide your employee support and development policy.

exit feedback surveys
exit feedback survey questions

Make it a conversation

Thymo™ provides the option to ask employees for constructive suggestions on important topics using freeform commenting. In addition, open text questions help make exit surveys more conversational, providing more detail on a business's challenges and opportunities.

Make it frank

You might not receive the frankest feedback if you survey an employee before their leaving date. So Thymo™ makes it easy to receive feedback after using an employee's personal email. Our cloud-based exit surveys are also accessible on any device, in any location.

employee engagement survey solutions employee engagement survey solutions

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