Privacy and Data Protection Policy

We welcome all visitors to the Thymometrics & Empoll websites. Your use of these websites implies your acceptance of Thymometrics Limited’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy, as set out below, whether you are a visitor to the website, a logged-in user, or a customer.


We use harmless cookies (small data files) which your browser stores on your computer or other device. The cookies we place there directly do not contain personal information, other than your email address (to speed up your login, if you are a registered user).

Anonymity For Users

Thymometrics is committed to maintaining the anonymity of its contributors. When you join a Thymo, we need a little information from you (some of which your employer may have already given us, such as your name). After that, we are here to collect your honest opinions and comments whenever you choose to make them. We know whose views are whose; but we don’t share this authorship information with anyone (unless a judge makes us).

We show your employer your comments, but we don’t tell them that you wrote them; all incoming comments are to them anonymous. Any further comments made in reply to your employer’s replies continue to be anonymous, although they are obviously linked together in a conversation. If you choose you reveal your identity during a conversation, you will be identifiable as the author of all comments in that conversation, but not of any other comments or conversations. The user assumes all risks and consequences of revealing their identity. If you wish to remain anonymous, you must ensure that you do not provide your employer with enough information for them to be able to infer your identity with any certainty.

We show your employer your importance and satisfaction ratings and ratings changes, which they see as coloured marks on a graphical chart, but only alongside at least 14 other people’s ratings. Your employer does not know whose opinion is whose, or whether you have provided a rating at all. In addition, we randomly shift all the data points slightly, to stop the employer comparing and cross-referencing charts.


We do not allow Thymometrics employees, contractors and agents to access your comments and ratings, nor to access the analyses, for any reason other than for technical maintenance; we take disciplinary action against transgressors.

Your Email Address

We ask for an email address so that we can communicate with you, and you with us. This will normally default to your work email address. You can change this at any time to a private email if you prefer should you have any concerns about your Employer being able to monitor our communications. We will send you email whenever there is a new message waiting for you in the Thymo system, to remind that that the Thymo is still open and ready for your views, or to inform you about changes to the Thymo or its facilities.

Sometimes you may receive unsolicited and unexpected messages from your Employer but sent via Thymometrics; this does not mean they know who you are. As part of their side of the Thymo, we give your Employer the means to send messages, and thus start conversations, with employees based on keywords in their comments, the values of their ratings, their location, area of work, etc. The Employer asks us to send these messages to you, because we know who you are, and they don’t. Any replies to these conversation-starters will be anonymous.

Legal Protection

We have built some strong legal protection for employees into both our Client and User Software Licence. Your employer (“Licensee”, in the text below, we’re the “Licensor”) must, as part of the terms of their licence, agree to the following clauses:

  1. Unless applicable law has been broken, the Licensee’s sole remedy in respect of the breaking by any User of any of the Licensee’s or the Licensor’s rules concerning the permissible content of Contributions shall be to refer the Contribution to the Licensor for resolution howsoever the Licensor sees fit, or use such other mechanism as the Licensor may provide for the Licensee’s use from time to time. The Licensee undertakes not to take or attempt to take additional action against any User for any such alleged breach, whether the Licensee knows or believes the Licensee knows the identity of that User or not;
  2. The Licensee undertakes to respect and maintain indefinitely the privacy and confidentiality of any information provided by a User that chooses to identify himself or herself to the Licensee, unless otherwise permitted by User at User’s sole discretion;
  3. The Licensee undertakes not to use the knowledge of a User’s identity, nor to identify or attempt to identify any User, nor to seek to persuade any User to self-identify, for the purpose of or with the intention of discriminating against, taking any disciplinary action against, terminating employment of, selecting for redundancy, selecting for non-renewal of contract or acting in any other way to disadvantage User because of the content of any of User’s Contributions to the Service;
  4. The Licensee undertakes not to order, coerce, or otherwise require or cause any employee to act contrary to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement that they have with the Licensor;

There are similar versions of these in the End User Licence, which may be viewed here. We ask these things of your employer to give them an opportunity to demonstrate to you their commitment to maintaining your anonymity. We know you can trust Thymometrics to look after your opinions; our reputation depends on it.

Data Protection for Users

We do not keep personal information about visitors to the public sections of our website, only standard website visit analytics. We do not require much personal data from our users: first and last name, an email address, and your choice of password, and we encrypt this information with SSL during transmission. Nevertheless, we promise never to sell, give away or otherwise make available your details to anyone (except to you, of course). We take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. We will use the email address you give us to keep in touch with you, to let you know of changes to our service, to inform you of incoming messages, to send you reminders, and for other similar purposes related to the Thymo. We will not spam you with details of other people’s products.

Privacy and Data Protection for Corporate Customers

Without your prior written permission, we will never share, either in public or privately, your data or your employees’ comments and ratings. Nor will we share the results of any of your analyses, except in the following cases:

  • When anonymously aggregated with other organisations’ data
  • If you have agreed to participate in our External Comparison service, in which case we will share your anonymous whole-organisation results with others doing the same

We guarantee not to allow third parties access to any corporate or employee data which you may provide us with from time to time.

We may monitor the extent to which different facilities within the Thymo website are used, to help us prioritise future development effort.

Use of Cloud Technology

Thymometrics runs in the Cloud, specifically on Microsoft’s world class Azure Platform, chosen for its security, performance and reliability, and we use SSL for secure communications with the Cloud. Data may be held at any of Microsoft’s Azure installations worldwide, although we tend to select locations to provide optimum performance for our customers. We use our best endeavours to provide you with an uninterrupted service, and Microsoft do the same for us.


This Privacy and Data Protection Policy applies to Thymometrics, its website and its services, but does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, or to other sites linked to from our website.


We may change this policy from time to time by displaying a new version on our website, but if you are a registered user of Thymometrics we will ensure that you are notified of any changes.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact or write to us using our contact details here.

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