At Thymometrics, we take sustainability seriously. We were carbon-neutral at conception and carbon positive since 2021.

We’re remote working champions and love our paperless culture. And our high-tech platform runs seamlessly in the cloud on carbon-neutral Microsoft Azure.

If you share our passion for environmental, social and governance best practices, it’s good to know that Thymo™ can play a valuable role in your ESG strategy.

  • Thymo™ runs on carbon-neutral cloud-based software
  • We vet our partners and suppliers to ensure they are carbon neutral or carbon positive
  • We offset our carbon footprint at
  • We love our paper-free offices.
  • Our teams work remotely to minimise commuting
  • We encourage remote video conferencing for product demos and client meetings wherever possible

Key partners

carbon neutral since 2012
carbon neutral since 2007
carbon neutral

Thanks to the ideas and commitment made by the Thymometrics team, we set specific criteria to define our environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance as sustainable. We review our ESG strategy regularly to ensure we continuously deliver on our promise to make a positive difference to our environment.

Contact us to discover more about our sustainability policies, practices and partnerships.

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