Unleash the potential of self-development in your organisation.

Peer surveys

Help your people reach their full potential

When employees reach their full potential, everything changes. Mood and motivation improve. People work better. Teams become more united and productivity increases.

Use Thymo™ to generate the insights needed to build passionate teams of high-performing people capable of delivering exceptional results from their work.

Thymo™ peer includes all of the tools you need to help employees become the best they can be. Read on to see how.

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How it works

Create peer-to-peer appraisal feedback surveys for employees within teams, departments or locations.

Use the flexibility in Thymo™ to configure surveys on one or more topics, including employee responsiveness, judgement, enthusiasm, flexibility and overall performance.

Set Thymo’s exclusive ‘free-form’ anonymous commenting tool to generate open, honest feedback without the risk of generating negative feelings between peers.

Share the results to help employees understand where they may need help to grow.

Need to add management responses? Quickly configure Thymo™ to run 360° feedback.

Always on. Always anonymous.

There’s no need to pay for a dedicated confidential employee listening service with Thymo™.

Our ground-breaking employee engagement platform includes always-on listening for real-time feedback as standard.

And because the feedback is anonymous, you won’t get responses clouded in bias.

employee engagement survey solutions employee engagement survey solutions

The reasons businesses love using Thymo™

Rapid results

The results come in fast. Thymo peer feedback responses are also quick to analyse.

Free-form commenting

Peers can add free-form comments to question responses and trigger deeper insights.


Thymo removes boilerplate logic to give organisations complete control over survey configuration.


Anonymous feedback removes bias. Peers answer questions and comment openly and honestly.

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