What is 360° feedback

360° feedback, or multi source feedback, is a method of gathering anonymous feedback on an individual employee from their employer, managers, direct reports and peers on their strengths and weaknesses. As a result of the findings, further training, guidance or more drastic actions may be recommended. As this feedback is received from all those around the employee (work colleagues and maybe customers too), the term 360° Feedback was coined.

The output from 360° Feedback allows employers to assess and help team members to improve in key areas that might be restricting their upward career path or actually causing conflict within their team.

By presenting 360° Feedback reports in a simple to read format that are always up to date, creating relevant plans for growth and development of weaker areas can be quickly ascertained and put into place.

If there is obviously friction between a particular employee and their fellow workers, this can also be assessed and relevant action taken. It may be they simply do not fit in the group in which they work and a move sideways might be the answer.

Real time 360° feedback

Business dynamics can change quickly. New hires and leavers can have an instantaneous effect on overall well-being and mood of a team and further across a business.

Keeping a watchful eye on this is imperative to head off potential problems later on that may fester if ignored and also to ensure teams are equipped with the resources and knowledge to do their job well. This, combined with an always-on approach to employee engagement, will provide a deep and transparent view of the well-being of the organization.

How Thymometrics 360° feedback is unique

Getting an annual snapshot of how a person suits their position within a group, department or team is a good start, but hardly flexible or immediate enough to suit most fast-paced and fluid businesses. Being able to gain insights when there are changes over time is invaluable and gives you direct actionable information if things are getting worse or better.

Thymometrics provides 2 types of Multi Source Feedback, both of which allow for real-time analysis and action:

Manager Feedback

This allows staff to give anonymous feedback on their direct manager. Feedback on issues such as trust, coaching skills, leadership, encouragement and good communication skills can be given.


This feedback allows staff to provide real-time feedback on their peer’s performance. For example, responsiveness, their judgement, are they a team-player, enthusiasm and flexibility can all be judged. Each person may be grouped into team, department or location, thereby allowing managers to easily identify if there is a problem in one particular section of the business that needs attention.

What makes Thymometrics truly unique is the ability to combined this feedback with anonymous free-form comments from individuals. This allows the employee the freedom to express themselves through a channel previously unavailable to them.

The results are in, now what?

Most importantly, once 360° Feedback is received, you need to act upon the findings.

Identifying individuals who are struggling with certain aspects of their job presents an opportunity for training or reallocation. Where employees excel, it might be time for a promotion!

Now these conclusions will be gleaned from, not only what the manager sees of their staff, but also how their peers interact and value them as colleagues.

This kind of feedback, combined with results from the Thymometrics always-on survey, provides invaluable information for staff performance appraisals, arming managers with a much fuller picture of each member of staff and where help, support and guidance will be best placed.

Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. By gaining a deeper insight into how they feel, interact and perform provides the opportunity to create a better working environment – one which encourages a more inclusive corporate culture which benefits not only the internal working of the company but how they present the company to the wider world.