Effective exit surveys

People leave their jobs - it’s a fact of life.

Although this can be a turbulent time for the business, the good news is that there is no better opportunity to get open and honest feedback when a leaver feels like they have nothing to lose. Properly administered (see our blog on how to use exit surveys), Exit Surveys can provide the most constructive feedback you’re likely to receive.

Thymometrics provides a unique cloud-based Exit Survey designed to maximize this useful and actionable feedback:

The exit survey

Similar to Thymometrics’ Employee Engagement Survey (see features), the Exit Survey questions offers the employee a final opportunity to rate their feeling on such aspects as Resources, Salary, Involvement, Recognition and Fulfillment. These questions can be tailored to suit any scenario.

Open text questions

To dig a little deeper into the reasons for leaving and to ask for constructive suggestions, Thymometrics provides any number of user-definable open text questions. This is where great feedback can be gathered and genuine insight into where challenges and opportunities lie.

The survey is available on any device

As the person leaving may not be in the office once they have re-signed, it is important to allow them to complete the Exit Survey in their own time and on any device. Thymometrics Exit Survey is cloud-based so affords this maximum flexibility.

Unparalleled insights and actionable results

Using Thymometrics’ Exit Surveys, it has never been easier to understand how employees genuinely feel about their job and those around them.

Armed with these insights, which can be shared internally with relevant parties, attention can be focused on those aspects raised to improve employee engagement and keep hold of other highly valued employees.