Thymometrics - A Sonnet

We have some news which could transform your life If you now survey staff but once a year Such questionnaires are bound to cause you strife Whene’er that season once again draws near Fear not, for we’ve been drawn to innovate And so we had a wonderful idea We’ve dispensed with all that pain you hate The Thymometrics way’s a panacea The annual staff survey is now dead For our engagement survey’s always on And all analyses are fresh, instead Of growing stale as the year drags on Your staff will benefit, because their views Can be expressed, and changed, to suit their mood With comments made whenever they so choose So your purview is constantly renewed. These new, exciting features are so rare That only Thymometrics can provide This service; our competitors despair For this is something they have never tried. So why should you believe our wond’rous claims? You’ll surely not have heard of us before But we assure you, we’re not playing games All these good things are real, and there’s more To see is to believe, and so we need To show you what our Thymo can achieve If you’d but get in touch, we can proceed To demo it, then you too will believe. We urge you to take note of all we’ve said For Thymometrics is the way ahead! Hugh Tonks, 2013.