Month: July 2013

Re-Thinking The Employee Engagement Survey In The Modern World

Originally published in IPA on July 8, 2013 Some have predicted that the age of social media will lead to the death of the employee engagement survey. In this article, Hugh Tonks of Thymometrics argues that far from disappearing, new technology will lead to a rebirth of the engagement survey as a year-round, real-time and […]

Employee RE-Engagement … A Different Kettle Of Fish?

This article was written by Hugh Tonks, Thymometrics and originally published in HRZone on May 30, 2013. External and internal barriers to engagement To paraphrase the opening to Tolstoy’s magnificent Anna Karenina, “All engaged employees are alike; each disengaged employee is disengaged in their own way.” To understand this is to recognise a fundamental truth about engagement, […]