EMIC Takes A Groundbreaking Approach To Employee Engagement Surveys

Originally posted on EMIC's website on 26 August 2014em(ic)*

A leading internal communications company is to use a revolutionary online tool to offer clients a groundbreaking approach to employee engagement.

EMIC Communications, which helps multi-national organisations tackle issues of change, integration and communications strategy solutions, is joining forces with Thymometrics, a system which allows staff to talk directly to management in real-time. The technology also allows business leaders to track employee feeling on a daily basis while experts at EMIC can provide troubleshooting for problems as and when they arise. It is hoped the partnership will eradicate the problems normally associated with employee engagement surveys and provide an anonymous network in which grievances can be aired and solutions sought.

Jon Scott, director of EMIC Communications, said: “There are a lot of problems with the way existing annual employee engagement surveys collate information. “They take time to carry out and they do not address all the work related issues which drive employee commitment.

“On top of this the results are skewed because senior staff are on best behaviour before one is carried out and by the time the analysis has been done, they are already out of date.

“Businesses need to rethink their approach to the issue of engagement – after all, a happy workforce sets a firm apart from its competitors.”

While Thymometrics can help clients pinpoint potential problems within a business, EMIC can deliver solutions to these.

Jon said: “It is no good asking staff to complete a survey but failing to show them you are listening by taking no action afterwards. “Thymometrics allows us to communicate in real time to address current problems then and there but it also lets us look at the bigger picture so we can tackle deep-rooted issues.” The Thymometrics platform can be tailored to provide ratings on a number of different areas and allows employees to note which are important to them and which are not.

Common areas businesses want to explore are how staff feel about salary, work life balance, management style, recognition and job security. “Staff will be encouraged to regularly input their thoughts and feelings and because it is being run by a third party, we can provide assurances of anonymity to allow for greater honesty,” Jon said. David Godden from Thymometrics said he was delighted EMIC would be one of the first UK internal communications firms to use this tool. “While we have the skills and tools to map out all the elements for a client, EMIC can tailor solutions to actually tackle the results we provide them with,” he said.

“By teaming up we can provide an all-round service to clients who realise the importance and significance of good employee engagement.”

About Thymometrics Founded in 2012 and privately owned, Thymometrics Limited provides real time analysis into the ongoing relationship between an organisation and a group of people. Thymometrics’ flagship product, the “Employee Thymo", uses cloud-based technology to assess and facilitate employee engagement in mid-size and large organisations. 

For information, email info@thymometrics.com, call +1 646 760 9323 (US) or +44 (0) 1223 750 251 (Europe) or visit thymometrics.com.

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