Real Time Engagement Software Opens Up Communications Between Employees and Management

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The Link Between Real Time Engagement and Employee Communication

As mentioned in a previous July post, "The Future of Employee Engagement Surveys is Here: Real-Time Data!", employee engagement is becoming more of a two-way street. This is not surprising, because in all reality, engagement comes down to one thing – how well employees are able to get the message across to the management team when they are either happy or unhappy at work.

What are some of the advantages of a real time employee engagement solution?

First and foremost, you are getting data that is current, not some months-old information that is irrelevant to the conditions now. This is how engagement surveys used to be handled, with some very disappointing results. Now, you have data that’s about this month, this week and even this day. It helps to effectively handle any complaints, worries, and issues that need attention before they turn into something worse. Secondly, a real time employee engagement survey product like Thymometrics has a built-in communication channel that HR and management can use to connect directly with employees. On their level. Promptly. Building a strong corporate culture that supports employee engagement starts with taking employees seriously, listening and then responding quickly. Review some posts on popular employee review sites like Glassdoor and you’ll see why this is critical to the reputation of your company. But, the communication doesn’t stop here. Between the real time data that’s gathered at a frequency your company decides, plus a communication board that’s designed to manage engagement topics, relationships between management and employees can actually improve. How?
  • Employees feel more valued because they are heard directly by the management team
  • All communications are confidential, secure, and private so that employees can feel safe
  • Ideas generated by the open communication can contribute to overall improvements
Companies who want to hire and keep the best employees must be willing to extend the respect that employees want and deserve. The ability to be heard, acknowledged, and responded to improve the employee experience in many ways. And it’s convenient too – no more clogged email inboxes or lengthy staff meetings trying to correct a bigger problem. It’s been said that people leave bad managers, not companies. Consider how powerful a direct communication between management and employees could be for your organization.
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