How to Get the Best Out of Your Employees - Improve Engagement

This article & infographic is produced by Paul Peters at Betterteam
Are your employees turning in their bare-minimum performances? Wish you could motivate employees to really go above and beyond? A lot of people do. Gallup actually measures employee willingness to give their best - they call it employee engagement - and it’s usually around 30 percent. That’s just 30 percent of the U.S. workforce that’s “engaged,” trying to give their best performance day after day. The cost of low engagement is huge - valued at about a $500 billion dollar loss to the U.S. economy each year. Unengaged employees have higher accidents rates, are harder to retain, and are less productive. Engaged employees, on the other hand, are literally those people who go above and beyond. They’re the ones that care about the job as much as their employers, and work until things are done right, rather than done to the minimal standards.

So how do you get your employees engaged?

As you see in the employee engagement infographic below, money isn’t what really matters with engagement. In fact, some of the companies that pay best show signs of low engagement. What really matters when it comes to engagement is whether employees feel like they’re receiving recognition for their work and building strong connections with leadership. Engaged employees get the chance to be autonomous and are recognized for their efforts. Ready to start working on better engagement at your company? It’s a pretty easy sell, especially since it’s not about money, and more about attitude and management style. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to check out the ground-breaking employee engagement survey platform that Thymometrics has developed. It’ll really keep your finger on the pulse of engagement at your organization. Learn more about engagement from the infographic below.
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