How To Promote Work-Life Balance in Your Workplace

How-To-Promote-Work-Life-Balance-in-Your-Workplace  Employee engagement is often viewed as a natural occurrence that results from a company's efforts to create a better corporate culture. But one of the most often overlooked aspects of a positive culture is the work-life balance for employees. Work-life balance contributes to the overall employee motivation that results in greater productivity, retention, and innovation. The return on investment is worth the effort when companies focus on this one aspect.

Gaps between what employers and employees see as work-life balance

Work-life balance has become a priority for employees, but companies often fall short of this goal. A recent survey conducted by CareerArc and Workplace Trends found that 67% of employers expressed that they believe their workers have good work-life balance. However, the survey also indicated that 45% of employees disagreed that they experience work-life balance. This overestimation of work-life balance could be hurting organizations like yours. It is in your company's best interest to create additional work-life balance for your employees. In fact, Deloitte found that work life balance has been considered to be a number one priority for millennials who would rather have more time to experience life than to be stuck at work. Here are some ways that you can promote work-life balance in your workplace.

Ask your employees

It may seem too obvious, but why not connect with your employees and ask them what the company can do to support more work-life balance? An employee survey can generate lots of feedback so that the company can get to the core of what employees want and need to experience more balance between professional and personal pursuits. A real-time employee engagement system equipped with a built in communication system works well for this.

Make work flexible

Take cues from the top rated companies that excel in people analytics, and offer flexible schedules and remote work options. Again, you have the opportunity to use a real-time or pulse survey to ask questions and get feedback on how your employees would prefer to work -- then put this into practice. Monitor the results of this new effort to see how engagement and employee motivation levels change. Give your employees a voice and watch how the culture improves.

Start with small changes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and therefore neither should you expect overnight success in your organization. However, you can speed things up by making a small change based on employee feedback as it honors your ROI. For example, try giving employees an extra hour to arrive at work and see if it makes a difference in their happiness levels. The amazing thing is that you can actually measure the impact on a daily basis by using real-time employee engagement software. Each change can be evaluated as part of your overall people analytics to continue to roll out positive changes. Learn more about the industry leading two-way communications feature in Thymometrics employee engagement survey solutions, and how it can support better work life balance for your employees.

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