5 Ways to Recognise Your Employees

People work to get paid, but they also want to feel appreciated for their contribution to the company. When employees don't feel valued, they are more likely to leave for new pastures.

The Great Resignation of 2021 meant that more workers than ever were reassessing their careers after the Coronavirus Pandemic. As a result, there are more opportunities available than last year. There were a record number of job vacancies in the UK in 2021, with 1.2 million up to November. The figure was half a million more than the previous year's same period.

Employers need to take steps to ensure their employees feel recognised and valued, and these are some of the ways you can achieve it.

Positive Feedback

You don't always have to be outlandish with your recognition. It can often be as simple as just providing positive feedback to your employees.

When your employee does well in a particular task or project, make sure you say 'well done' and thank them for their efforts. Employees feel valued if they are recognised and respected for their work. It works both ways, ask them for feedback and show that you value their opinion.

Training and Development

One of the main reasons employees want to stay with their employer is the potential to learn and progress. Therefore, if you can provide training and development to recognise your employee's efforts, it will help them feel valued.

Speak to your employees and ask what type of training they would like and their career goals.

Flexible Working

Offering your employees a form of flexible working can be an excellent way to recognise their performance. For instance, you may allow them to finish early on a Friday, work from home one or two days a week, or even work entirely remotely.

Flexible working is becoming the norm since the Coronavirus pandemic, and if you are not offering it, you are less likely to retain your employees.

According to a survey by Strathclyde University, less than one in ten employees wanted to return to the office when the pandemic restrictions had eased.


Monetary recognition will always be favourable to employees as a form of recognition. If you can, you may want to consider offering bonuses as a reward for the employee's hard work. If bonuses aren't possible, you could consider vouchers, a free lunch, or a small gift as a form of appreciation.

Shout Outs

If an employee has performed well, give them a shout-out on the team call to recognise their efforts. They will appreciate that you have gone to the effort to give them credit for their work, and they will also be more likely to feel more motivated to continue to exceed expectations. 


At Thymometrics, we understand the importance of recognition and ensuring you gain feedback from employees, as well as providing it. We can offer always-on surveys and feedback solutions to ensure that you are recognising your employees in a way that satisfies their needs. These tools will help inspire and motivate your employees to improve their work continuously.

For more information, please call 01223 750251, email hello@thymometrics.com or visit thymometrics.com.

Photo Yan Krukov by from Pexels

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