How to Avoid the Cost of Unhappy Employees

The cost of replacing an employee can be immense. When you consider the recruitment costs and training, the price tag for a new employee can be as much as £30,000. For most businesses, this is a significant amount of money and one that can't be absorbed easily.

Therefore, it pays to keep your employees happy as, quite simply, happy employees are loyal employees.

If you are struggling to retain staff, these are some steps you can take to encourage your employees to stay.

Create a Positive Culture

It is not an easy task to create a positive culture in the workplace. Employees can feed off each other, and if one becomes unhappy or exhibits negative behaviour it could have domino affect on rest of the workplace. Before you know it, the entire workplace is toxic.

It is, therefore, vital that you create a positive culture. It might seem like it is easier said than done, and it can be challenging in many ways. The key to a positive culture is to deal with any issues quickly before they get out of hand.

For instance, if your employees are overworked and stressed, take steps to reduce their workload or allow them to work flexibly. Small steps can make a significant difference to the culture.

Provide Training and Development

Around 86% of employees feel that training and development are essential within the workplace, and 74% said they would learn outside work if it would help improve their performance.

Contrary to popular belief, employees are not just looking for a competitive salary. Although, that is, of course, important. They want to learn and develop. They want to feel valued by their employer. If you want to keep your employees happy, and to reach their full potential, you need to be willing to invest in ongoing training and development.

Management Training

One of the main reasons employees are unhappy is down to their management. It is not always the manager's fault that they are not doing their job right; they may just be poorly trained.

For instance, they may be micro-managing employees without realising or speaking negatively to them. Some of these are learned behaviours that can change with the proper training. To keep employees happy, you should consider some form of management training.

Effective Communication

The best way to keep your employees happy? Engage them! Always ensure that the lines of communication are open and that employees feel comfortable expressing their views and opinions.

When you engage and communicate with your employees, they feel that they are important, which can help ensure they feel happy and content in the workplace. When communication is poor, the employer and employee relationships tend to collapse, which often causes employees to want to leave.


At Thymometrics, we recognise the importance of communication and keeping your employees happy. We can provide you with always-on surveys and feedback solutions to ensure that your staff remain happy and motivated in the workplace. These tools can help inspire and motivate your employees and ensure they feel happy and content.

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