How Thymometrics Help Determine What Matters Most To Your Employees

Within any company there are constant changes. For instance, new talent is added to the business, employees leave the company, clients change, and processes and procedures update.

Some of these seemingly minor additions or alterations to a business can have a massive effect on employees and their feelings toward the company. It's therefore vital that leaders should ask for regular employee feedback; otherwise, how do you know what your employees feel or need?

How changes to the business affect employees

Every business is fluid, and you might be wondering how small changes could have such a significant effect on employees. For example, say you hire a new person, they start on the right foot, and everything goes well for a period, but then they start becoming unproductive, argumentative, not a 'team player', confrontational or plain toxic. Their negativity sweeps through the entire team, and before long, employees are feeling disconnected, disillusioned, and maybe even ready to move on. The culture can quickly deteriorate and become a negative one.

Another potential business change could be relocating your office to a city centre location. Some of your employee’s love being in the heart of the city, while others feel upset or anxious, as they are used to being in a quiet area, and feel uncomfortable with the new location.

These and many other factors may not seem like issues that affect your employees, but they are – which is why regular employee feedback is crucial.

Why employee engagement matters

Engaged employees are more likely to be happy in the workplace, therefore, more productive and, most importantly, more likely to be loyal to the organisation.

Unfortunately, the UK holds the title of one of the worst in Europe for employee engagement, with employers failing to pay enough attention to how employees feel. When you get regular anonymous feedback from employees, you can gain that vital understanding of how they are feeling at any given time and allows the business to make appropriate changes to avoid crises.

How can we help?

At Thymometrics, our always-on feedback not only asks employees what they are satisfied or displeased with in the workplace but also drills down on how important different factors are to them.

For example, several employees may state that their job security is highly important to them, but that they are very dissatisfied with this part of their work life. Therefore, this would give you a red flag that it needs to be dealt with urgently - maybe an all-hands to discuss the issue or simply some words of comfort to assure employees that there's nothing to worry about. On the other hand, they may say they are extremely satisfied with the culture, which is crucial to them. This is good news and something you should ensure you keep to a high standard and promote across the company.

When you do this with every employee in your business, through anonymous feedback, it shows that you are interested in what's important to them and confirms you are listening. This will undoubtedly improve employee engagement and retention levels.


If you want to find out more about our always-on surveys, you can call us at 01223 750 251 to discuss your needs, email or visit for more information.

Photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash


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