How to Turn Your Employees into Your Greatest Brand Ambassadors

When we think about brand ambassadors, we usually correlate it with celebrities selling products to earn money. However, when it comes to businesses, who could be a greater brand ambassador than the people you already have working for you? 

Most companies don't use the huge potential there is available within their employees. 

The employee is there to do their work and pick up their pay cheque, so how do you get them to the point where they actively promote your brand?

The Purpose of a Brand Ambassador

Marketing budgets for businesses vary depending on the size and goals of the company. However, according to research, 14% of businesses spend more than £10,000 on marketing yearly. 

Marketing can be effective but costly, so why not use your employees as your most effective form of marketing? When you think about it, no one knows your business like your employees, and people are likelier to listen when information comes straight from the 'horse's mouth.' In addition, your employees acting as brand ambassadors can help with your recruitment efforts and selling your products or services. 

You can take these steps to ensure your employees are talking about your brand for all the right reasons.

Create a Positive Culture

The first step in making your employees brand ambassadors is to ensure they have a positive experience. 

If the employee culture is one where your employees thrive, they will tell their friends and family about it. If they enjoy their job, they will recommend the company to others. Conversely, they will still talk about the company if the culture is negative, but it will have the opposite effect!

Invite Employee Contribution

Even if you already have resources to look after your social media and content, you can invite your employees to contribute now and then. 

For example, they may write a blog occasionally or get involved in your monthly newsletter. Your employees should feel like the brand is part of them and not something they look at from the outside. 

If we use football or basketball as an analogy for this, the players (i.e., employees) are their greatest ambassadors, and the content shared mainly relates to their employers. Other businesses could also look at this approach with their staff; after all, the employees are the greatest asset for any business.

Provide Rewards

If you want your employees to promote your business, providing rewards as an incentive can be a good idea. For instance, they may receive cashback when they invite customers to your business or finder’s fee for providing staff. 

In addition, if they regularly engage and mention your business on social media, you may offer them some perks. Doing this, and used intelligently, you are showing that you appreciate your employee's efforts.

Share Company News

There is no better way to involve your employees in your business than by sharing company news. The more communicative you are with your employees, the more engaged they will be therefore, they will be more likely to promote your business. 

You need employees to 'buy in' to your company; otherwise, how will they be able to act as an ambassador?


Creating the right environment for employees is the first step in ensuring they want to tell the world about your business. It is why asking for feedback is vital for any company to determine what employees want at any given time. Our always-on surveys will help you determine how to improve your business to engage your employees. To find out more, you can contact us at 01223 750251 or email

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

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