How Training and Development Can Improve Employee Engagement

Training and development is vital for employees as it not only helps them gain useful skills to fulfil the demands of their role, but also prepares them for future opportunities.

According to a study by LinkedIn, 94% of employees would remain with a company for a longer period if there were training opportunities available to them. Training and development can also help improve employee engagement within the workplace. Here are some considerations:

Increased Performance and Productivity

With the right training and development, employees become better at their jobs. When they improve within their role, they are more likely to feel happy, content and engaged with the company.

It is important for businesses to make regular feedback a priority, as it helps them to identify any problem areas and therefore provide the correct type of training to the correct groups of people to rectify any issues and improve employee performance.

Better Workplace Culture

A working environment where employees are constantly learning and developing new skills is a place where individuals will thrive and enjoy working. A positive culture is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement in the workplace.

Morale Boost

Employees undertaking training will feel more confident in their abilities to do their jobs, especially if there are areas they are struggling with and would like to improve. They will approach their jobs with more confidence and appreciate the effort that their company is employing to help them become a better team member. Training and development often provides a morale boost to employees.

Succession Planning

Instead of recruiting externally when vacancies arise, providing training and development opportunities can allow businesses the chance to promote employees from within. When employees feel that they have these types of opportunities, they will feel more engaged in the workplace. (This is not to mention the cost savings associated with avoiding external recruitment).

Feeling Valued

One of the most important aspects of employment to any individual is that they feel that their employer values them. They are not just a number sitting at a desk, but a person, with needs and aspirations.

Companies that provide training and development opportunities are more attractive to employees as it demonstrates that they are truly valued. If you want to show you value your employees, this is one of the most important ways to do it.

Improve Retention

Employees are not only likely to be more engaged but they are also less likely to leave. Training and development is one of the factors that affects an employee’s decision to join an organisation, and to remain there.

Why not ask how your employees feel about their training and development opportunities and how important it is to them in your employee survey; this could form the basis for your next development initiatives.


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