Author: Hugh Tonks

Hugh is co-founder of Thymometrics, the Cambridge-based world leader in always-on, self-service employee engagement surveys. As Thymometrics' VP of Innovation and Chairman, Hugh has 30+ years of experience in software and information management, architecture, design and development.
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Re-Thinking The Employee Engagement Survey In The Modern World

Originally published in IPA on July 8, 2013 Some have predicted that the age of social media will lead to the death of the employee engagement survey. In this article, Hugh Tonks of Thymometrics argues that far from disappearing, new technology will lead to a rebirth of the engagement surveyMore …

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What If Your Employee Survey Wasn’t An Annual Event?

Originally posted by Hugh Tonks, Thymometrics on HRZone, May 1, 2013. Most companies that conduct an employee survey seem to prefer it to happen as an annual event. It’s not hard to see why; any less often makes it look like it’s not that important, and any more often would be aMore …

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Annual Staff Surveys – The Employee Viewpoint, Part 2

Breaking the Logjam In part 1 of this blog, we discussed the manifold problems which come free of charge with your expensive traditional survey, problems which militate against success, all caused by the choice of format: the lengthy annual multiple-choice questionnaire, instigated by the company for the company. We hintedMore …