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How To Monitor Employee Engagement, Even If You’re Technically Challenged

Human Resource practitioners are entering a new era in business strategy. Today’s workplace is much different than just a decade ago. The inclusion of technology to make human tasks more efficient along with new attitudes about work coming from a younger, more tech-savvy generation of employees is transforming many companies.More …

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It’s Time for HR to Make Better Use of People Analytics – New Survey

Everybody in the business world loves data. In fact, pretty much every decision ever made in a business environment is a result of data that indicates a change is needed. When it comes to human resources, a good way to predict the success of recruitment, training, retention, performance, and manyMore …

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What’s This ‘Always-On Engagement’ Thing All About?

In the human resource industry, like most others, buzzwords are often adopted to describe certain concepts and trends. You may have heard  Thymometrics mention the phrase ‘always-on’ a time or two as we describe our employee engagement technology. So, what is this ‘always-on’ thing all about? And what does it have toMore …