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What If Your Employee Survey Wasn’t An Annual Event?

Originally posted by Hugh Tonks, Thymometrics on HRZone, May 1, 2013. Most companies that conduct an employee survey seem to prefer it to happen as an annual event. It’s not hard to see why; any less often makes it look like it’s not that important, and any more often would be a royal pain to organise, not […]

Thymometrics Appoints Chris Reilly as VP, Sales

Press release posted on Personnel Today on 31 May 2013 at 08:47 Fast Growing SaaS Company Strengthens Senior Team. FULBOURN, CAMBRIDGESHIRE – June 3, 2013 – Global premier supplier of always-on real-time employee surveys Thymometrics is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Reilly as VP, Sales. In just over four months since launch, Thymometrics […]

Annual Staff Surveys – The Employee Viewpoint, Part 2

Breaking the Logjam In part 1 of this blog, we discussed the manifold problems which come free of charge with your expensive traditional survey, problems which militate against success, all caused by the choice of format: the lengthy annual multiple-choice questionnaire, instigated by the company for the company. We hinted (quite strongly) that there might […]

Thymometrics – A Sonnet

We have some news which could transform your life If you now survey staff but once a year Such questionnaires are bound to cause you strife Whene’er that season once again draws near Fear not, for we’ve been drawn to innovate And so we had a wonderful idea We’ve dispensed with all that pain you […]

Engagement Is A Journey Not A Destination

Employee engagement remains a hot topic for many employers, from SMEs to corporate multi-nationals. However whilst everyone agrees employee engagement is key to an organisations success there still remains much disagreement about what engagement actually is and whether it can be measured. The basic problem here  is there simply is no definition of what employee […]

Thymo Launches!

Welcome to the new always-on real-time employee engagement survey! If you’d like to be the first to hear about the revolution that is happening in the world of engagement, click here for more. For information about Thymometrics’ world leading real-time employee engagement surveys, email, call +1 646 760 9323 (US) or +44 (0) 1223 750 […]