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The Employee Engagement Survey - Reinvented!

We've transformed the annual employee engagement survey into an always-on, real-time employee feedback platform that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your company all year. How did we do this? Read on...

1Simplify Your Survey

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We really don’t like things to be overly complex, and neither do most employees. Our survey is incredibly quick and simple to use yet it gathers rich data. Our open, transparent approach means we reduce employee reluctance to participate and the lack of sincerity that can creep in with lengthy traditional surveys. Our customers are able to seek employee input not just annually but throughout the year giving a continual view of shifting mood as it happens.

2Real-Time Analytics

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Gone are the lengthy waits for compiled reports; our clients get their analyses in real-time. In addition to statistics and averages it is possible to see the big picture, enabling instant visibility of what is going on and hence identifying specific areas to focus resources to drive engagement forward.

Dashboards and detailed analytics enable an at-a-glance view of all factors across the entire company or enterprise. Track changes over time to ensure your initiatives are generating positive impact and head off any negative shifts or developing trends.

3Start Talking

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Say goodbye to broadcast-style messaging and instead reach out to specific employee groups anonymously based on their opinions. Get more information, strike up a dialogue and drive engagement to new levels with our Communicate system.

4Get Help & Support

Just because we are in the cloud doesn’t mean we’ve lost the personal touch. We are proud to deliver customer service excellence at all times and will always go that extra mile to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your engagement survey.

5Next Steps

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Whether you are looking to replace your annual survey, or for an always-on employee feedback solution, a pulse survey, 360° feedback, peer feedback or exit surveys, Thymo can make it quicker, easier and more manageable. We offer on-line or on-site demos of the platform, custom proposals, trials and assistance with project planning. Just let us know what suits you best to enable you to experience the benefits first hand.

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