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employee engagement is cyclical in nature

A survey is the most commonly-used mechanism by today's companies when looking at what to do about employee engagement.  Typically, a company will conduct a survey as the starting point in efforts to boost engagement levels, with the intention of discovering how engaged, unengaged or even disengaged their employees may be  On completion of the survey, there follows analysis, investigation and creation of action plans design to restore engagement where it is missing.

Surveys often ask about various aspects of employee satisfaction but they can also measure motivation, alignment to corporate goals, and a host of other metrics.  So before any you plan a survey you should be clear exactly what you are trying to measure, and indeed why.  There is too the issue of implementation: through what media and methods will it be conducted?  It is clearly vital to ensure you choose the right mechanism, and an appropriate process, for your company.

At Thymometrics we deliver an innovative new approach to employee engagement surveys, bringing them into the 21st Century.

Modern Approaches to the Employee Survey

Survey Inertia

"We felt it was time for a new look at the employee survey and decided that, rather than tinker with a few features, we would rethink the whole thing from scratch."

The generic format of these surveys has not changed dramatically since their first usage in the early 1920s, with the first multiple-choice questionnaire appearing in 1915. With so much new innovation and technology now available, it is perhaps surprising that so little has changed in terms of survey mechanisms.

Companies such as Gallup have done much work in terms of distilling engagement down to a manageable number of factors, and there are many consultancies and highly experienced practitioners who can help drive engagement up within companies. The employee brand is now seen as key as well, as is maintaining a strong culture.  Some surveys are now run online and even on mobile devices, but the basic format still remains the same - an on-line version of a paper form.

New Horizons for Employee Engagement Surveys

Answering lengthy questionnaires can be a remarkably disengaging experience; but shouldn't an engagement survey itself be engaging?   Even after analysis of the results, it is an uphill struggle to present the information in a way which might inspire employees. Statistical figures apply to whole groups of employees, so it's hard to convey the survey outcomes to the employees as individuals.

We felt it was time for a new look at the employee survey and decided that, rather than tinker with a few features, we would rethink the whole thing from scratch.  We designed it initially from the employee perspective. We asked how best to provide them with a channel through which to voice their mood, aspirations and feedback. We looked at why traditional employee engagement surveys ran so infrequently (often only once a year), and concluded that several factors conspired: the cost, the effort, the hassle, and the elapsed time taken from inception to the final action planning.

So we simplified, streamlined, automated and innovated until we overcame these obstacles, and then built a cloud-based engagement survey platform from scratch. The results surprised even us; what we'd built had turned the survey from a once-a-year passive data collection exercise into an always-on dynamic survey and commmunications tool. Why not request a tour of this game-changing development and see for yourself?