The Future of Employee Engagement Surveys is Here: Real-Time Data!

[caption id="attachment_2651" align="alignright" width="250"]The Future of Employee Engagement Surveys is Here: Real-Time Data! Real-Time Engagement Data[/caption]

Transforming Corporate Culture with Real-Time Engagement Data.

Managing large and complex data can seem intimidating at times, but it’s a very real part of business and people-management today. Years ago, data was approached as part of a reactive strategy, because as soon as it was gathered, it was past information. Human resource professionals and managers can relate to this the most because much of the data used is based on HR metrics from previous time periods. It can be terribly frustrating to create goals when data is old. The good news is that the future of data management is finally here! We are now privileged to have access to real-time employee engagement survey data that supports the bigger picture of the organizations we work for. Technology allows HR managers to access workplace culture and engagement data that’s served up fresh in meaningful reports and images that help communicate changes that may be needed – now. We are no longer putting out fires simply to start new ones. We are essentially able to create the culture that matters the most to the people who work so hard for the company daily.

Building a better corporate culture with real-time engagement data.

How is real-time engagement data used to create an outstanding corporate culture? First, one has to understand that culture of any organization flows from both the top and the bottom of the hierarchy. Leaders set the initial mission and values of the company, which become the fabric of the culture. Employees experience the culture and how they feel about things becomes the glue that maintains things. It is impossible to force employees to perceive the culture as you want them to, because there is a delicate balance between the two. When smart companies invest in real-time engagement survey solutions, they have access to the information needed to monitor and have a positive effect on employee experiences. The doors of communication are opened wide, allowing an exchange of ideas and feelings that leaders can then use to build culture. Instead of dealing with the negative after-effects of a poorly managed culture, the focus then becomes on maintaining a positive one.

What’s in store for the future of employee engagement?

This latest technology is not the be-all-end-all for employee engagement. We are just getting started. As the workforce continues to expand through the use of mobile technology, remote work arrangements, and employee-driven innovation, engagement data will too evolve. It’s important to think ahead and choose an employee engagement product that can adapt through mobile apps, robust reporting, and communication features. So too, employee engagement will become more fragmented into the specific categories that make the employee experience whole. There will be a greater focus on personal engagement, career engagement, peer engagement, customer engagement, and even project-oriented engagement to measure the best ways people work together and as individuals. Culture will be more closely tied to individual employee contributions on a more personal level. The future looks bright for real-time data in employee engagement, so be sure to get on board now to improve the culture of your organization.
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