What are Real Time Employee Engagement Surveys Good For?

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Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys in the Workplace

Employee engagement; the words conjure an image of happy and productive employees. But, engagement goes a lot deeper than creating a productive and satisfied workforce. It’s about the way that employees get there, how companies provide environments where employees find this Zen, and what drives future engagement levels in employees. When thinking in these terms, engagement surveys that measure this progress become invaluable to the companies who put an effort into building engagement.

Employee engagement – we still have a long way to go

The most recent Gallup Poll indicated that employee engagement is still pretty low at around 31.5 percent of the American adult workforce. This research shows that, "employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization's financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement." The very effort of creating programs and policies that spur engagement give back to organizations in many ways.

Why is employee engagement a struggle for many companies?

One of the bigger reasons why companies are having a hard time boosting employee engagement is because they don’t have a real plan to manage this or the data that gets generated. According to a quote in the Harvard Business Review, Jim Harter Ph.D., chief scientist at Gallup Research, stated that, “Many organizations measure either the wrong things, or too many things, or don’t make the data intuitively actionable.”

Real time employee engagement surveys can help

Gathering and using employee engagement data, in real-time, makes it possible to take action in meaningful ways. The benefits of having real-time, employee engagement surveys are they’re happening now and HR leaders can address the issues before they get out of control. They can also measure the success of recently implemented engagement programs. Having this kind of insight is critical to managing employee engagement programs.

Proactively approaching employee engagement with engagement reporting

Using real-time employee engagement reports, HR can partner with the management teams to work on critical areas with actionable plans. No more guesswork. These reports must make sense and include powerful visuals to illustrate areas that need immediate attention, and those that can wait. Productivity and retention rates can be tracked more directly to these efforts.
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