Transform a Ho Hum Team to a Powerhouse of Productivity

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Boosting Performance with a Strong Employee Engagement Philosophy

When is the last time your work teams produced something amazing? If you are starting to notice a general lack of enthusiasm among your employees, there’s a good chance things are not as they should be. The company may be moving along steadily, but nothing outstanding ever happens.

What’s going on?

People may appear to be happy at work, but underneath they don’t feel thrilled about their jobs. Higher rates of tardiness, conflicts between workers, and even people quitting can all be signs that the company is in trouble. When employees are not engaged in the work they do, or in the company objectives, new ideas and growth are simply not possible. Groups of employees who work together seamlessly to produce high quality work seem to be the stuff of business dreams. The key to accomplishing this is by actively engaging employees so they feel valued and respected at work.

How can a company boost performance and employee engagement?

Fortunately, employee engagement is fluid in nature. It can be influenced by positive changes in the organization, and it can be measured. Once an action is taken to improve the workplace, it ripples out across the entire organization like drops on water. Boosting employee engagement and productivity starts with finding out what motivates and inspires employees. There are two critical components of this. First, a real-time engagement survey system that provides communication capabilities can facilitate things. Having a central place to inquire with employees about their needs focuses on what will have the greatest impact on engagement. Secondly, a reporting system that makes sense of engagement can be a powerful way to boost performance in the workplace. Visuals that show a progression of engagement efforts over time, what works and what doesn’t work, are great for getting management buy-in. Reports that include layers of data are a more accurate representation of what’s happening in the company. Using the above two-prong methodology, employee engagement becomes real to the organization. It’s a living, breathing thing that gives life to employees and their performance levels. They are happier because they are being heard and responded to. Employees see that their efforts are having an impact on the organization and the environment around them.
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