The Importance of Employee Feedback in Engagement Tracking

Why Live Employee Feedback is Critical to Employee Engagement

The Importance of Employee Feedback in Engagement Tracking Choosing the right employee engagement software is the first step towards a more concerted effort to improve the workplace. Yet, if human resources is not responsive to the concerns of employees, how can it be truly effective? Engaging employees at work means being willing to go the extra step and taking employee feedback seriously at the time it occurs. Here are some reasons why employee feedback is so important when tracking employee engagement.

#1- It helps guide the management team on what’s really happening with employees

When there is a central feedback system in place for employees, managers are better able to deal with issues and ideas proactively, instead of reactively. Instead of things getting out of hand, employee concerns can be addressed in a personal way, and used to boost management ability.

#2 – It gives employees a voice in a safe, internal environment

We live in an age where everyone is venting on social networks and company review sites. A single negative comment about a company can become a PR nightmare. Offering a private, internal outlet for giving employees a voice is critical to better engagement in a less risky way.

#3 – It provides direction for human resources to focus on for future engagement campaigns

There are many ways to build employee engagement, and most HR folks have tried a few with limited results. Why work in the dark? Instead, use the real time engagement data to formulate strategic engagement policies and campaigns.

#4 – Direct communication between HR and employees is handled promptly

Human resources is often the last party to find out about an employee issue, because there are breakdowns in communication coming from managers. By the time they find out, it may be too late to make a difference. A more direct communication channel between employees and HR can be a much better way to deal with engagement issues, and it’s more personal.

#5 – Employees feel as if they are being taken seriously by upper management

Another great benefit of employee feedback is because it helps the leaders convey the message to employees that they are valued in the organization. Employee ideas, questions, and concerns are taken seriously and this demonstrates respect.

#6 – Engagement tracking and reporting is more accurate

Perhaps the greatest benefit of employee engagement tracking is that it offers a current picture of what engagement looks like to the organization. Instead of old data that doesn’t matter anymore, a real time engagement product shows what’s happening now, so that actions can be taken to improve things.
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