How HR Can Stay Connected with Remote Workers Through Technology

In addition to adjusting to the new way of doing business in the midst of a pandemic, human resources leaders have been working extra hard to maintain engagement and productivity from remote employees.

One of the most effective ways of doing this concerns the use of employee engagement technology that can monitor the mood of remote employees 24/7.

Are your employees connected to your business success? 

Remote employees can easily feel left out and disconnected from the goals of the companies they work for; that is unless it’s drilled into their heads constantly by management.

They can also feel like they aren’t part of the big picture of the company’s progress. A recent employee survey featured on Harvard Business Review found that only one-third of employees thought they were strongly contributing to their company’s success.

Engagement of every individual employee is the key to helping them stay committed to the company’s goals, therefore it should be a primary strategy to keep employees plugged in. How can HR manage this before it becomes another crisis?

Real-time employee engagement software continually measures where the organization stands in terms of employee connectivity. This is vital when so many more are working remotely or are awaiting the time when they can return to their regular working conditions. 

Balancing the remote workforce and engagement levels

How can HR keep remote employees aware and aligned with the common purpose of the business? For many of these employees, this is the first time they’ve worked from home for an extended period of time. It’s easy to see how people can feel lost and unsure of what their role is within the company.

A few ways to manage this include:

Daily employee check-ins with management.

Every day should start with a quick check-in with remote employees to make sure they have what they need for a productive day. Management can host virtual team meetings and address any concerns immediately. 

Using the engagement system to ask custom questions. 

Many companies use employee engagement platforms, but not all engagement software offers the ability to create custom questions geared specifically for remote employees. Thymometrics can help you to ask direct and customized questions for a more personal touch. 

Making sure employees understand their roles.

Remote workers often feel invisible. When employees understand their roles, they also know that they are valued as a critical part of the work chain. Hire good people, put them into the right roles for their talents, and then make sure they understand their roles in the company. 

Asking what the mission means to employees. 

Other than that first few weeks on the job, how many of your employees actually can recite what the company mission is? Or how they contribute to it? Take the time to ask employees what the mission means to them professionally and watch them start to connect from wherever they work. 

Providing responsive support and resources. 

Working away from the office requires employees to be problem solvers. However, don't take this for granted. Be sure that all employees feel supported by the right tools, training, and resources. Have a central point of contact to respond to concerns and track down the right support when needed. 

Staying connected with communication tools. 

The biggest asset that you can use with remote employees is the wide array of communication tools available. From project management systems to employee engagement systems, make sure that there is regular two-way communication happening with your remote workers. Respond quickly and directly whenever possible and look for ways to keep conversations secure. 

Hopefully this will provide you with a few ideas on how to engage with your remote colleagues and how technology can help in these tought times.


Thymometrics provides tools that improve employee engagement whether in the office or working remotely. Through real time, always-on surveys and feedback solutions, we provide revolutionary yet simple tools to empower employees and monitor wellbeing whilst providing managers with deep and useable insights to improve business culture, productivity and profitability.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash