Author: David Godden

An online marketing entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the high-tech sector, specialising in HR SaaS solutions. Responsible for the marketing success of several US and European-based start-ups and the international launch of ExactTarget, Pardot and eTrigue.
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Can Your Organization Avoid the High Cost of Unexpected Turnover?

Nearly every day, employers are left scratching their heads when an otherwise loyal employee walks off the job. Employees may leave for a number of personal and professional reasons, including lack of upward mobility, poor management, or just simply becoming bored with the work over time. There can be otherMore …

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Employee Engagement Challenges, Trends and Predictions for 2019

Employee engagement is still number one on the minds of human resource professionals. According to Cascade HR’s The 2019 HR Landscape Report employee engagement has topped the list for the second year in a row, with 40 percent of the 400+ respondents stating this will be their main challenge inMore …

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How To Monitor Employee Engagement, Even If You’re Technically Challenged

Human Resource practitioners are entering a new era in business strategy. Today’s workplace is much different than just a decade ago. The inclusion of technology to make human tasks more efficient along with new attitudes about work coming from a younger, more tech-savvy generation of employees is transforming many companies.More …

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Let’s Get Our Priorities Right: Focus on the Next Generation of Corporate Leaders

When it comes to employee engagement in the workplace, it can be easy to set our sights on our teams. It’s even easier to forget about the people who are behind the scenes, working hard to make the entire company look great and business moving forward. We’re talking about middle-managers,More …

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Summertime Slackers? How To Keep Your Team Engaged & Motivated

The temperatures hit record highs in the early part of July on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. From California to London, the heat was oppressive while air conditioning bills steadily climbed. The FIFA World Cup had everyone glued to their televisions and mobile devices. Workplaces everywhere were filled withMore …