Preventing Drama in the Workplace with Employee Engagement Surveys

Use Real Time Engagement Data to Head Off Negative Trends

[caption id="attachment_4831" align="alignright" width="280"]Prevent Drama in the Workplace Prevent Drama in the Workplace[/caption] Wouldn’t it be amazing if human resource leaders could have access to a “crystal ball” to see potential drama in the workplace weeks before it happens? Being able to spot negative trends in advance of productivity and employee morale dips seems the stuff of fantasy. However, the reality is that real-time employee survey data provides the insight that HR professionals need to head off any negative trends before they have a chance to affect the workplace.

The Way HR Manages Employee Engagement Trends Changing

In the past, HR had few resources in trend spotting. Annual surveys limited things to a very small window of time. Therefore, problems would come up and they would go into crisis mode. Sometimes the problem would be averted and sometimes it would impact the workforce in lasting ways. This was not the best way to manage people or processes. Today, HR professionals have the advantage. By using always-on employee engagement surveys by Thymometrics, businesses can see trends of both good and bad things looming on the horizon. This kind of future vision and anticipatory tool is something that is simply not possible with the old annual survey. Daily measurements of the “temperature” of the organization can be taken to see problems before they have a chance to affect the organization.

How Real Time Employee Engagement Reporting Reveals Trends

Visually stimulating reports in the state of employee engagement can be run daily, weekly, and monthly – over time making things clear as to what’s trending in the company. This information can be used by leaders to make decisions, improve the corporate culture, and even enhance team productivity. Managers have access to information that drills down to specific issues and trends, even those that seem minor but could cause bigger problems later on. For example, a single employee could be growing dissatisfied with his or her job, and this attitude is starting to affect the department. Managers can almost immediately see this happening and take steps to coach the employee through this difficulty so it doesn’t bring the entire team down. Imagine having a direct connection with the way employees feel, work, and ultimately perform on your behalf? It is possible, with Thymometrics Real Time Engagement Data.
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